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Biless SRL is a provider of bearings, repair kits, rings, seals, gaskets, oil, lubricants, rubber products, custom belts, and much more for installation and repair of industrial machinery, tools, machinery and automobiles any brand and any other machinery and equipment.

Under  catalog of this site is a list of products to our clients.

The main criteria of the organization are efficiency and quality of supply, reasonable prices, choice of products which correspond with technical normative documentation (GOST, TU).


Our customers are industrial companies as: 


-Extracts natural stone and other materials; 

- repair of motor vehicles and agricultural equipment; 


-industria chemical; 

- light industry;

-Construction of buildings;

-companiile road transport;

- Rail and air transport companies; 
-industria food; 
-industria of woodworking.

We are constantly developing and expanding its range. Customers and users of materials and components we provide are always satisfied with their quality as products manufactured successfully in Europe and the CIS, using advanced technology to manufacture their binding quality control and compliance with European technical standards and state standards of Russia. Manufacturers in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine. We are working directly with manufacturers, eliminating intermediaries brokers.  Our experts are always ready to assist you in selecting by catalog number, the components necessary relevant technical parameters necessary for the customer to repair machinery and equipment.

Choose from the list of products you need, please indicate number and send us a request, we'll send you an account for payment. You can also use, quick search by name, code. During the day our managers will contact you clarify the order parameters, value, stock availability, payment terms.

If necessary product is in stock, we will deliver to your request as quickly as possible. 
We are interested in partners, ATIII in production, as well as repair businesses. . We are open to various forms of mutually beneficial cooperation with you and interested sunttv in expanding business contacts.

We invite everyone to collaborate on the  need of components and materials. Ask us, you will always find a reliable partner that will provide components and materials for production and / or repair!


We hope to cooperate!

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