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In the industrial machinery and equipment as the fittings are used corrugated sleeve. For the organization of water supply to the washing machines or road special equipment used hoses, which are protected from mechanical damage corrugated sleeves. In addition, modern technology has allowed to create a corrugated hose resistant to chemical attack. Also corrugated hoses are used as a duct. A modern special equipment repair corrugated hoses are often used in systems of absorption of water and dirt. 
In our catalog you will find the widest range of corrugated hoses and other components. Here you can buy a corrugated plastic hose, vacuum corrugated hose,  high pressure hose , corrugated hose mesh and so on. d. 
All corrugated sleeves that are offered in our catalog, are made ​​from high quality materials, in strict compliance and the applicable regulations and standards. All corrugated hose covered by manufacturer warranty, so we you will find only original corrugated hoses manufactured by leading domestic firms. If you want your appliances or equipment worked flawlessly, the best choice would be the corrugated hoses purchased from us.

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